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International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT)

The International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT) is a group of independent, non-profit think tanks dedicated to working on the energy transition to achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.
Founded in 2020, INETTT leverages the collective knowledge and expertise of our member think tanks from across the globe who carry out research and form fact-based policy proposals to accelerate energy transition debates into implementation. At both national and international levels, INETTT provides a trusted dialogue space to share knowledge, build capacities, form strategic positions, and conduct research and policy advice on accelerating the energy transition towards climate neutrality.

INETTT currently counts members from:

  • Europe (Germany, France, Poland, and Türkiye and the network of think tanks from South-Eastern Europe)
  • East Asia (Japan, Republic of Korea)
  • South-East Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand)
  • South Asia (Pakistan)
  • Africa (South Africa)
  • Americas (Mexico, Brazil)

Members of the
International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT)

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INETTT Secretariat Team

Rabia Ferroukhi
Rabia Ferroukhi


Lidia Wojtal
Lidia Wojtal

Project Lead

Laura El-Katiri
Laura El-Katiri

Project Lead

Ahmet Özgür Çınar
Ahmet Özgür Çınar

Operations Officer


News on INETTT

The Net-Zero Energy Transition

November 2021

The Net-Zero Energy Transition

Policy Case Studies from the International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks

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14 October 2022

We put the “think” in think tank!

Meet INETTT members from around the world, and the various energy transition topics they work on.


This in-person, interactive partner event of the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2024 is hosted by INETTT and will be a discussion on the impact of CBAM in the form of a dialogue between EU and non-EU countries. Head to the event page to register to attend the event in person.

Head to the event page to register to attend the event in person.

The webinar hosted by the INETTT with experts from South Africa (PARI), Indonesia (IESR), and Vietnam (VIET) discusses the status quo and role of Just Energy Transition Partnerships in addressing challenges faced by their respective countries in implementing a just energy transition.


INETTT JEPT Webinar Summary
IESR: Vision & Reality: Just Energy Transition Partnership in Indonesia
VIET: Status of the JETP in Vietnam
PARI: South Africa’s JETP

This Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2023 partner event is hosted by the INETTT and will explore the planning, implementation, and components of national clean energy transitions in Vietnam, Poland, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and Brazil. The event will also unpack the planning and implementation processes of the European Green Deal and its possible role in fostering international cooperation.

 Head to the event page to register to attend the event in person and download the presentations.

At COP27, INETTT members will discuss multi-contextual challenges and practical solutions for developing ambitious net-zero scenarios. Watch the side-event in person at the COP27 or live-streamed on our website.


IESR: Indonesia’s Net Zero Energy System Compatible with 1.5 C
VIETSE: Roadmap to achieve COP26 goals of countries
SHURA: Net Zero by 2053 - A Roadmap for the Turkish Electricity Sector
GreenCape: Operationalising Net-zero through social, political and economic systems

How can industrial value chains be decarbonised in the context of the ongoing energy and climate crises? Join representatives from INETTT and ClimateGroup at COP27 to find out.

This video showcases the work and ways how INETTT influences the decision-making processes in their countries to achive the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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